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KAESER manufacters a complete line of Rotary Screw Compressors - from 50 to 950 CFM. Air compressors are pretty simple. Fuel goes in one end, and compressed air comes out the other. What differentiates KAESER Compressors from the competition is the unique Sigma Profile rotary screw airend, which produces more air from less horsepower, consuming less fuel. In many cases the fuel savings over the life of the compressor will actually pay for the compressor.



Engine and compressor inlets are filtered with maintenance indicators. This protection, combined with a high efficiency cooling system allows the M57 to operate in ambient temperatures up to 120"F

The M57 is also available in its standard rugged and durable trailer configuration.

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Outstanding Features




Quiet and fuel efficient, the industrial grade Kubota four-cylinder diesel engine meets

Tier 4 emission standards.




Gull-wing Doors

Gull-wing doors alloy: easy access and have corrosion resistant hinges. Insulated panels provide safe. quiet operation.





Emergency Shut-off Valve


This rugged, stain­less steel valve is cable actuated to prevent engine runaway.


Fuel Tank


An oversized Polyethylene, corrosion resistant fuel tank provides over 10 hours of runtime. The fuel tank is easy to remove for cleaning.




Protective Galvanized Steel Frame with Lifting Eyes


Solid floor pan includes drains and ten inch fork pockets. Protective frame includes 4-point lifting system with removable spreader bars for easy access.




Spark Arrester Muffler


US Forest Service­ approved spark arrester muffler is made from aluminized steel for long life and excellent fire hazard protection.



Portable Compressors


Mobilair Tools


The award winning KAESER M57 is an example of the engineering superiority of KAESER products.


Producing 210 CFM from a Tier 4 naturally aspirated Diesel, it uses less fuel with lower maintenance costs than compressors powered by turbo-charged engines.


Mobilair M57 Utility


Standard Features:

  • Sigma Profile rotary screw airend produces more air with less horsepower

  • Heavy-duty 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine (meets Tier 4 EPA emissions standards)

  • Energy efficient direct drive

  • Large fuel tank for 10 hours of continuous operation

  • Powder-coated steel cabinet

  • High capacity cold start battery ensures reliable operation

Optional Features:

  • Aftercooler package

  • Complete line of air tools

  • Five year airend warranty



The MobilairTM M57 Utility rotary screw compressor is designed for cross mount­ing on service vehicles. It delivers 210 cfm at 100 psig and is ideal for public works, utility and other field work vehicles.

Efficient and Reliable

A heavy-duty 4-cylinder engine direct coupled to our energy saving Sigma Profile airend produces more air with less horsepower. The high capacity cold start battery ensures reliable operation even under extreme conditions.

User Friendly Features

The M57 Utility is very compact. It has both long and short side forklift slots as well as a single-point lifting bail for easy mounting/dismounting. The eye-level, curbside instrument panel features a full range of indicators, including hour meter,

air pressure, fuel, and discharge temper­ature gauges. Another important feature is the large 28 gallon fuel tank that provides extended operation - up to 10 full hours!

The M57 Utility's rugged steel cabin­tet is powder-coated and built to take the harshest conditions and protect the machine from dirt, water, and other contaminants.

The engine and compressor have seperate inlet filters with maintenance indicators. This protection, combined with a high efficiency cooling system allows the unit to operate in ambient temperatures up to 120°F.


10 Outstanding Advantages


1. Removable side panels and swing open end door

2. Easy to read instrument panel with push-to-load switch and lockable cover

3. Two 3/4" and one 1" connection ports

4. Short and long side fork lift slots for easy mounting

5. Kubota diesel engine (meets Tier 4 EPA emissions standards)



6. Energy saving Sigma Profile airend

7. Extra large capacity fuel tank provides 10 full hours of operation

8. Separate 4 micron air inlet filters for compressor and engine

9. Top exhaust port with rain cap

10. Optional aftercooler package




Free Air Delivery  210 cfm
Working Pressure 100 psig


Diesel Engine

Make  Kubota V2403
Power at Full Load  48 hp
Full Load Speed 2600 rpm
Off Load Running 1800 rpm



Fuel Tank Capacity 28 gal
Weight. Dry 1905 lbs.
Weight, Wet 2130 lbs.
Sound Level Max 73 db(A) at 23 ft.
Max. Ambient Temp 120°F



Length - 84.5 Width - 33.3 Height - 48.3







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